Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Detox Story

Good Thursday morning everyone. Today I have a funny story to share. 

You may not have noticed but last week I was quite absent from the internet. I still checked my emails for anything important I might need to address immediately and played a few games of minesweeper. Other than that I spent my time outside of work sitting on the couch zoning out into tv land. I cared for nothing else. I tried to read a few blogs or scan through facebook - I even tried to write a blog post, but each time I stared at the screen and saw the happy people communicating, I just wanted to tell them to go #*%#@ themselves. I felt tired and bitter and angry and I did not understand why. I was trying to figure it out all week. Maybe I 
was getting sick, maybe I had finally burnt myself out at work, maybe I was depressed, it could be the weather... none of these really seemed like the right answer. It was not until the end of the week when I finally started to feel better and not hate every person I came across that I finally figured it out. Folks, I have been drinking a minimum of two cups of coffee every morning without fail for the past ten years. At the end of the previous week I had run out of coffee beans and replaced my canister with decaf! I had no idea and I went through a horrible detox completely unaware of what I had done to myself. By the time I figured it out I was actually starting to feel a lot better than I had before so I decided not to start my coffee habit up again. It is still a much different feeling than what I am used to but I do feel better throughout the day and glad to not be dependent on caffeine to make me pleasant and motivated in the morning. 
So, what is it you think you could not live without?

A tribute treasury to my beloved coffee. 

And Thank You to Alyssa from Cloud9Jewels for including my anklet in an awesome fringe treasury.

And Thank you to FrancescasFancy for including my buttons in a red hot Valentine treasury.

These were pleasant surprises that came the day after I finally got back on-line and once again joined the happy people communicating.