Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Day

I do not actually lack good days in my life. Most of them are quite nice, but a couple things happened today that were worth bragging about!

Please note my awesome necklace.
 This is me in the parking lot of the grocery store where I just bought batteries to find out if the camera that was used to take this picture did in fact work. I am so happy that it does work (illustrated by this picture) and even better, works like new. I purchased it for $15 at the Goodwill across the street from this grocer. I was getting ready to spend over $200 on a very similar camera so I could have one to carry with me outside of the house. I take my product photos with Levi's fancy and bulky professional camera so I certainly did not want to risk damaging that baby. This find definitely deserves a thumbs up!

 My hair in that picture is a mess because I have been riding around in this. A 1993 Honda Del Sol and our 'new' car! We actually bought this a couple weeks ago but Levi and I have been working crazy schedules so today was the first chance we had to get to the DMV and get a license plate for it. We had a lot of fun with it today.

 It replaces this gas guzzler which will soon be on Craig's List. It has been a good car but we no longer haul anything and it is beginning to cost much more to keep it running than it is worth.

But the Honda is not the only car we titled today! The first and only car that we have not purchased out right also became ours today! So there is my story of this good day. I hope everyone has had a good day and will have great days all week long. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

An Invitation

Hello My Friends!

Today I wanted to extend an invitation to any artists, writers, creatives who might read this or know someone who read this.

My younger sister and I have started an Artist Trading Card group with a few people we know and have discovered that it is crazy fun!

 So much fun that I felt bad for others that have not been presented the opportunity to have this kind of fun and felt it was my responsibility to give more people the chance to have as much fun as we are.

So without further suspense here is a message from my sister...


Artist Trading Cards.  If you are unfamiliar with them, here is the wikipedia site with a brief explanation:

 We have created an alphabetically organized mailing list of the names and addresses of those who are participating. The participation involves creating one of these cards on a bi-monthly basis and sending it via USPS to the person whose name follows yours on the list and then the next name and then the next and so on and so forth.  In turn you will receive a card every other month from one of the other participants. 

The only limitations are that it is roughly 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, that it can be mailed, and that it is an original artwork by the sender.  The "card" can be made of any medium:  paint, fiber, paper, wood, metal, written word, macaroni - you name it.  If you are a photographer or a print maker you can issue an edition. 

 If you are unsure of yet another commitment to add to your busy days, keep in mind this is not yet another obligation that you must wade through less you face dire consequences.  It is meant to be a step back from those very obligations - a creative sigh.  If you decide it has become one too many things to attend to and you bow out you will not be fired, dumped, chastised or banished.  You will not have social services come and take away your art supplies.  And you can always come back to it.  

Your friend,
Risa Yost

She is brilliant, my sister.

As I mentioned, we have already started and gone through one round that was mailed out June 1st so now is a great time to join because you will have the full two months to create your piece. If you are interested you can contact me and I will give you any additional information you may need or want.

Have a fun week!