Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Post

Well a Happy New Year to you all!

Now that December is over I can come out of hiding and share a few thoughts. In case you don't know me well enough, I fear December. Mostly because of x-mas. I know, so many of you can't believe someone could dislike such a joyous holiday, but I do. No explanation, just take it at that and when you don't hear from me in December you will understand. I am actually enjoying myself securely locked in my home with books and crafts and my family. Avoiding all of the joyous celebrators on the internets and out in the 'real' world.

What I did like about December this year though is that I got to play in my first 12" snow fall! I even learned how to use a snow blower!  Here is a shot of my building's courtyard the day after.

Today I have been going through my blog reader deleting blogs that have not posted in a year (so I can only assume are not going to return) and reading a lot of posts about goals and resolutions for the new year. Some personal and many professional. I read these every new year and get inspired and excited and write my own list that I of course lose and forget about. I get busy doing other things and never follow through. I am excellent at this. I have a terrible memory as well (especially when it is convenient). What I do have is a journal that I write in frequently and I tend to remember what I wrote in it for at least a day, which brings me to this years one and only resolution. I am not going to make a goal for an entire year and I am not going to try to reflect back on an entire year when so much has happened and not all of it pleasant enough to reflect on. Instead I resolve to use my journal to reflect back on each day and make a new goal or resolution for the next day. One day at a time. Makes for more obtainable goals and far smaller mistakes to degrade myself over when one is not met, ideally making for a happier me.

I hope that you all stay happy this year and have an excellent tomorrow! What will you do tomorrow?