Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Day

I do not actually lack good days in my life. Most of them are quite nice, but a couple things happened today that were worth bragging about!

Please note my awesome necklace.
 This is me in the parking lot of the grocery store where I just bought batteries to find out if the camera that was used to take this picture did in fact work. I am so happy that it does work (illustrated by this picture) and even better, works like new. I purchased it for $15 at the Goodwill across the street from this grocer. I was getting ready to spend over $200 on a very similar camera so I could have one to carry with me outside of the house. I take my product photos with Levi's fancy and bulky professional camera so I certainly did not want to risk damaging that baby. This find definitely deserves a thumbs up!

 My hair in that picture is a mess because I have been riding around in this. A 1993 Honda Del Sol and our 'new' car! We actually bought this a couple weeks ago but Levi and I have been working crazy schedules so today was the first chance we had to get to the DMV and get a license plate for it. We had a lot of fun with it today.

 It replaces this gas guzzler which will soon be on Craig's List. It has been a good car but we no longer haul anything and it is beginning to cost much more to keep it running than it is worth.

But the Honda is not the only car we titled today! The first and only car that we have not purchased out right also became ours today! So there is my story of this good day. I hope everyone has had a good day and will have great days all week long. 



  1. Glad you had such a good day, Jessie! It's always such fun to ride around in a snazzy little convertible! (And I did note your lovely necklace, too!)

  2. Thank you Callie! I know you can't see the necklace very well but it is my current favorite and I wear it a lot. I do like being able to take the top off the car on pretty days. :)

  3. What a day Jessie! I forgot to check on you for a while, and all the sudden there is so much to read! Neat. Love the car. And the picture is awesome, so I'm glad the camera worked out too.
    Now I have to scoot to work, but I will read all about the artist trading cards because it looks like a great idea.

  4. Thanks for checking in Kinga! I hope you do consider the ATC group. We are having fun and I know you have multiple talents that you could apply to the form.