Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation Part1

Woo Hoo! I am back from soaring through the skies!! 

It was a crazy exciting week that my family and  I started out by being slung 125ft into the air.

Then shot 420ft straight up a track......

.....Just making it over the top to plunge straight back down toward the ground.

420ft is 10ft taller than the tallest building in the town I live in!

That still did not make being pulled 310ft into the air and released into a whirlwind of drops and twists and turns seem less crazy and awe-some


Over and over again for two days of reaching new heights and turning upside down while sitting, standing, feet dangling in the wind.

Being rattled into fear in a beautiful maze of lumber...

....and even enjoying a few peaceful and silly moments riding a few tame rides like the YELLOW SUBMARINE!
Yes, we did sing the song while riding. :)
This started out our fun week. I will continue with the rest another day soon. In the meantime you can check out the treasury I was featured in and the treasury I created on Etsy since I have been back home and have fun!



  1. Hi, Jessie! I'm way too old for that slinging and flinging nonsense, but I bet you had some Fun!

    Chris :D

  2. Ha! We did have fun - we love that slinging flinging nonsense (except the anticipation before the ride still gets to me).

  3. Jessie - I can't believe you went on those rides! I have a total fear of heights and would probably have had a heart attack. I'm so glad you had fun, though!

  4. I spend a lot of time at work strapped in a harness on a lift about 20ft in the air - not the same as these incredible heights but maybe it prepares me somehow.

  5. Wow! So much fun! I did those things back 10 years ago in Florida when I was still young! And You know what, I would do it all over again. I'm glad you had a good time:))

  6. Thanks Kinga! I always forget how much fun roller coasters are until I get back on them.