Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am Back

So I became a bit overwhelmed a few months ago and dropped the blogging for a while but I have decided it is time to pick it back up. 

Life has been quite busy in that time. My daughter suddenly became obsessed with soccer and joined a team. She is quite good for a beginner but then again she is already athletic. I took over a different department at work which involves a lot more responsibility (and stress). And my partner and I have decided to move our small family to Minneapolis, MN next summer. We visited the city for the first time a couple weeks ago to check out the area and schools and we were not disappointed by our decision. Minneapolis is a beautiful city with a lot going on. I don't have a lot of pics to share from that trip as most of the pics we took were of real estate but I will share the most valuable tool we have ever purchased. GPS
I know I am really behind on this but I am glad we at least finally bought one for this trip. It saved us a lot of time and arguing. 

We are back, life has not stopped being incredibly busy but the waves are calming a bit as the soccer season comes to a close and I settle into my new job and our travels come to an end after this month. That means I have a little more time for weaving beads and my jess2bead shop. 

So new projects are beginning and my communication on line is becoming more consistent. I have even started trying to learn how to use the twitter account I opened and never used. I have  to say that I am definitely very confused by twitter so if anyone has any tips on that, feel free to share.

Thanks for reading and have a Happy Halloween!


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