Thursday, November 3, 2011

When I am Alone

I sit at my desk. The music ended minutes ago but I continue in my bead world watching stitches build, completely oblivious to the  ba-dump ba-dump of the needle reminding me that it needs to be lifted from the record.

It is a stray thought into the 'real' world that alerts my ears to monotonous sound keeping rhythm with the silence. I hop up, quick stretch, flip the record, then back to my mesmerizing world where cold glass and warm threads come together to make sparkling, texture rich art that makes me smile and feeds my imagination.


  1. Beadweaving is such a relaxing hobby. Addicting too! ;-)

  2. this sounds familiar.... luckily I listen to mp3s, so they just keep going forever!

  3. Beadweaving is most definitely relaxing for me. I gotta use the record flipping to keep track of time for me though.