Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Beggining to look a lot like...

Are you ready? ....Thanksgiving! 
Oh, I am so excited for a full day of laughter and family and a never ending, full, warm belly. This is the last year for the short lived but comforting tradition that the three of us have established in our brightly colored home here in Lexington before we move north and have to miss spending Thanksgiving with our extended family that first year. So one more time we will wake up early and, occasionally elbowing each other for extra space in our  small kitchen, cook side dishes in our pajamas with cartoons and the Macy's parade turned up on the television before coordinating showers and getting dressed in our cozy fall outfits. Then we will drive to my parents house in the next town over where my sisters and their families will also be gathering and spend the day sharing delicious food, bottles of wine, and each others company.

Now the important part - the food. We never know what all will be there until we are all there. The constants are the turkey and a very large number of meatless side dishes (one of my sisters is vegetarian). Since I am not as skilled in the cooking department as my Mother and sisters and partner, I cook the same dish every year. Partly because I have not messed it up yet and partly because it is delicious! This is the sweet potato dish recipe that I use and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys food. 

So, tell me, what is your favorite holiday dish or tradition or both?


  1. A day surrounded by food, what could possibly be better? I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it....

  2. I gotta say, I probably look forward to the mashed potatoes the most. lol :-)

  3. I so agree with you on being surrounded by food for a day! Not to discount the family of course but ...drool.

  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you get to eat wonderful food and be around the ones you love and have fun. My favorite dish has to be dressing with gravy.

  5. I definitely love the dressing with gravy.