Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Cheer?

Well, if you can't ruin their holiday cheer then join them, and so I have. There are so many things that I dislike about this holiday. The whole month is a constant grating on my nerves, but, as I said, I have not ruined anyone's cheer yet so this is not a post about how much I dislike the holiday. There are a few shining things about the holiday that I enjoy and so, as the Grinch's heart grows, so I am trying to use those shining pieces to grow my affection for Christmas. I sit here going so far as to type out the word Christmas instead of insisting on calling it x-mas, I have not said foul things about the Christmas decorations at work (only the music because, come on, clearly some of these songs were not intended to be listened to more than one time each year), and this year I have made a Christmas Ornament to list in my shop.

Now I have made ornaments before for friends and family but this is the first year I have added to the crazy Christmas hubbub on Etsy. I feel like part of a group and a bit dirty all at the same time. The beadwork did turn out nice though and I love these sparkling crystals and hang them from my ceiling year round to reflect light into rainbows all over my studio. I don't know if more will follow (one step at a time and all) but this is a start to my trying to enjoy the holiday more and bah humbug it less. That being said, red and green remains my least favorite color combination.

Along Merchant Row, shops outdid themselves (and the churches) in decor, with displays of fashionable clothes, and useless and expensive trinkets.
                                                      - Gregory Maguire from Wicked


  1. Love the quote from "Wicked," but I don't see a need for you to feel dirty. Your ornaments are lovely and not like anything I have seen before. Good luck with them!

  2. I understand and will not hold your feelings against you. I can be a little bit bah humbug this time of year also. Your ornament is gorgeous and I think will do well in your shop.

  3. Thank you Marsha and Therese for the compliments. Marsha, promoting a holiday I don't really care for feels a bit dirty but I do love these ornaments and as I said I hang them year round (I don't put up a tree) so I guess it's not dirty to promote that.

  4. Growing up, we weren't allowed to really celebrate Christmas. We weren't Jewish or Jehovah witnesses, but my parents were extreme conspiracy theorists and so they they rejected all holidays due to their pagan origins... blah, blah blah. So now that I'm all grown I get to experience having a Christmas tree, opening presents, having up stockings, and all of those other magical things that I missed out on as a kid. Maybe I'll grow tired of it after awhile, but for now I am loving every minute of it.

  5. Megan - Another reason I am trying be more spirited about the holiday is that my daughter does like it. We put up stockings in our house on xmas eve and she has her own tree that she decorates in her bedroom. She is such a good kid and so willing to compromise. She is also very compassionate and loves the family gatherings - she is my Bob Cratchit. I am glad that you get to enjoy the holiday and wish you much happiness this season.