Thursday, December 8, 2011


Several months ago I blogged about an Artist Trading Card group that my sister, Risa, and I started up. Since then our group continues growing and the whole process of creating and receiving the cards gets more fun and exciting each time.  

I am once again inviting anyone interested to consider joining the group. If you are unfamiliar with what an ATC is here is a great web site that will have information and inspiration. My sister also explained it well in her initial letter when the group started...

The only limitations are that it is roughly 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, that it can be mailed, and that it is an original artwork by the sender.  The "card" can be made of any medium:  paint, fiber, paper, wood, metal, written word, macaroni - you name it.  If you are a photographer or a print maker you can issue an edition. 

 If you are unsure of yet another commitment to add to your busy days, keep in mind this is not yet another obligation that you must wade through less you face dire consequences.  It is meant to be a step back from those very obligations - a creative sigh.  If you decide it has become one too many things to attend to and you bow out you will not be fired, dumped, chastised or banished.  You will not have social services come and take away your art supplies.  And you can always come back to it.  

The cards are traded every other month so that all of the already busy members can participate without feeling overwhelmed. Each member gets a turn in choosing a theme for each round. To see the interpretations of these themes from the different minds and mediums is super awesome. 
If you are interested in joining this group you can contact me here  and I will provide you with full details or answer any questions. Until then, enjoy a few examples of some of the ATC's that our group members have created in the past several months...
'Translucent' by Amanda Land  
'Hot' by Jessie Yost (me)
'Transitions' by Rhonda Kincaid
'Fear' by Risa Yost
 The next theme is 'Snowflake' and if you join now you will have almost the full two months to complete your card. So have fun and feel free to contact me here or in the comments below!

Please note that while these cards are made for trade, the art and designs pictured above are still the artists' copyright and posted here only with the artists' permission. Thank you.

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