Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Musical Life

So, it happens a lot. You meet a new person and you are making small talk and, as they try to get to know you better, there is always the one question they ask.... What kind of  music do you listen to? It is even one of the questions on the profile list on blogger, which I did answer with a few of my favorites. My real answer to this question is YES!!
 This is a picture of 'The Record Wall' in my house. There are roughly 75-80 albums in each 13" square and I have no idea how many lined up on the floor. So, yes, I love show tunes (one of those boxes is nothing but Broadway and musicals) and disco is one of my all time favorite styles of music. I actually just received an album that is The Wizard of Oz score, disco style! I grew up listening to folk music and my affection for it has not waned. Punk, rockabilly, big band, jazz, blues, electronic, spoken word, and albums so unusual I would not know how to categorize them. They all have amazing sounds and lyrics and feeling. 
These are the sounds that keep our household moving. Cleaning is more pallet-able, beadweaving is dreamy, cooking is choreographed, and even the occasional night of the abundant consumption of spirits becomes more entertaining. This is the attraction to musicals - that my whole life can have a score and you never know when I might break out into song and dance!

Well, what kind of music do you favor? I love suggestions!


  1. Wowwww! What a collection! I love music too, but I don't like musicals. Musicals confuse me because I don't understand the rules ( how does everyone know when to break out in singing, and do the other people hear it, or is it all imaginary??? Etc..) Anyhow, here are a few things I love: folk metal, celtic metal, thrash metal. Classical music from Gregorian Chants to all the way to modern, but a few favorites are Camille Saint Saens, Johann Strauss, Edward Grieg. Then I really like weird stuff, like Apocalyptica, it's a Finnish band playing metal on nothing but cellos. I LOVE Tony Bennett, Nouvelle Vague, but if my life had one soundtrack, it would be a duet sang by Serj Tankian and Bjork. That would be perfect! As it is, they are my two favorites separately.

  2. Kinga - this is the best comment ever! I like to think that in the world of musicals other people do hear but they don't react because in their world it is perfectly normal for everyone to go around singing about how they feel. Oddly enough this is also normal in my house. I checked out Apocalyptica and that is so cool. The music styles you mentioned have a lot in common with each other even though they sound quite different. Bjork is also one of my favorites. Music is a great connector!

  3. AAaaaaha! So that is the rule to musicals. I suppose that puts it into an entirely new perspective for me. I like to sing out loud when I am running or when I am cooking. But I have a horrible voice. Like a dying swan, I am told. I am glad I was able to recommend something new to you since you "gave me" Jennifer Daniels.