Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Artist's Collection

Are you ready? I am starting a new blog series (uh oh - commitment).

I love beadwork! Okay - it is pretty obvious that I love creating beadwoven jewelry but I also love wearing beadwoven jewelry. I know that so many people are not used to some of the colors and dynamics in beadwoven jewelry and would often not seek it out. Have you ever looked at this jewelry and wondered 'how would I wear that' or 'would the artist even wear that'? I do work in a job where I can not wear elaborate accessories with out fear of losing or ruining them or getting something caught on equipment at work that could injure me. So, when I am not at work, I am excited to shed the blue jeans and ponytail, and accessorize! In this new series, that will be brought to you on the first Thursday of each month, I want to share my personal jewelry collection with you and collections of other jewelry artists' and how and when we wear them.

This week I am starting out very simple with a beaded wooden spool thread onto chain with matching large hole beads and a pair of earrings with large drop beads on decorative pin heads hanging off of some awesome sterling ear wire findings. Both pieces made by me.

...And a very blurry picture of me wearing them
with one of my favorite shirts.
This is simple and casual for me. Something that matches many outfits. I often pick out a couple pieces like this if I go out of town for a short trip that I can wear with each outfit I bring. Helps me pack light when I need to. 

 Tune in next month to see more of my personal collection - or just to see if I can actually uphold the commitment to a series.

If you are a jewelry artist interested in being featured on this series please email me here.

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  1. Love your necklace! Looking forward to the blogging.