Friday, February 24, 2012

My family and I are moving north in five short months! Our living space is going to be cut in half and we have so much stuff. I will no longer have an entire room for my studio so I have started condensing as much as possible and packing up.

 See all of those glass jars? They housed these beads....

Great! This should be easy then... right?
I just have a few more odds and ends to pack up...
A few more shelves to clear ...
A few stacks of books to sort through again.
My stress level directly reflects the level of this chaos
How did I get so established here in just five years? Did I mention the pictures and toys I have painted and glued to the walls that will have to be removed so the walls can be repaired and repainted?

I hope I can undo it in just five months!


  1. Thanks Karen! I am actually excited though. I love snow and winter. We used to live in FL at one time and I really missed the winter.

  2. Holly Molley! You have a lot on your plate girl, but think of it as a creative endevor, the best way to stash everything away and get rid of things you don't need. I love what you did with the walls though, I hope you get to do somehting like that in your new place. Where are you moving to?
    Also I wanted to tell you that i finally changed my blog address, which is great, but now all the old links stopped working. So in case you are looking for me, here is the new address:

    1. We are moving to Minneapolis and will be renting, so painting the walls will probably be out, but we are definitely contemplating creative ways to get as much color on the walls as possible.
      Thanks for the update on your change - I will replace this in my 'reader'.