Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Princess Luna Necklace Revealed

Are you ready for the official reveal?
Along with several new pieces  in my shop I have listed my entry for the September Etsy Beadweavers' Monthly Challenge themed 'Lunar Obsession'.
To be inspired by the moon. This left me thinking of moon goddess or lunar deities which naturally led me to My Little Ponies . You can see the connection, right? So my partner and our daughter are big fans of these cute little characters whose different personalities and titles are reflected on their bums in the form of a 'cutie' mark. Not too long ago I sat through a cartoon series marathon about these ponies and one of the characters was a mysterious and good turned evil pony called Night Mare Moon (get it?). Before she became Night Mare Moon, when she was still an innocent toddler pony, she was given the name Princess Luna. Of course she went back to this much sweeter name once the heroine pony thwarted her evil plans with the power of friendship. Princess Luna's cutie mark is obviously a moon which is a good start for this challenge but I really like the colors used on this character. The many shades of blues and purples with the bright moon symbol against them.
So there you have the scoop. You can view more pictures of the necklace for purchase HERE and you can vote for your favorite beaded lunar representation HERE starting September 9th.
Have a great day and always remember the power of friendship!

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