Saturday, October 6, 2012

Home Cooked

So I am trying to talk my girlfriend into writing a cookbook or at least sharing her methods and recipes online. We grocery shop one day a week and the next day she spends the entire day prepping and cooking all of the meals we will eat throughout the week. This means that our weekly meals usually have a theme since the ingredients used are bought in bulk and will be similar. It saves money, time, and is healthier than eating out when you can't decide what is for dinner. I feel so lucky to be spoiled like this so I want to share with you all of the wonderful things I get to eat.

I will start this round with breakfast.

This is homemade cereal! It is so delicious. Toasted oats and nuts and - my favorite - pumpkin seeds. Probably some other seeds too because there are a bunch in our kitchen but I don't make it. I pour almond coconut milk over it, and of course there is coffee.

If there is no time for cereal then there is also the option of homemade granola bars. These have the oats, nuts, and seeds too with the added chewiness of dried fruits.

This is a green smoothie waiting to happen. This one has kiwi, grapes, and spinach but there are bags of these in the freezer with different combinations of fruits and greens. The vita-mix is her secret weapon. She makes tahini, peanut butter, flour, green smoothies - all kinds of stuff with this thing. 

Mmm.. sweet and healthy.

Next time I will share a couple Mediterranean dishes. Until then you should show her a little encouragement in the comments so she knows how awesome she is. 


  1. I never thought of freezing the ingredients for smoothies. I always thought about making them but was never motivated enough to prep the ingredients when I wanted one.

    1. It s really handy to just grab a bag out of the freezer and blend. It also means you can buy fruit in season/bulk and still have it a couple months later.

  2. Love your idea of handmade granola bars! I'm always "on-the-go" and it can be hard to eat well when you are in a hurry in the morning.

    1. I have helped her make these before and they are actually really simple, they just have a lot of ingredient. It is pretty much just mixing the granola stuff (oats, nuts, dried fruit) w/ sticky stuff (peanut butter, honey, soaked prune puree) then baking.