Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home Cooked

So I am trying to talk my girlfriend into writing a cookbook or at least sharing her methods and recipes online. We grocery shop one day a week and the next day she spends the entire day prepping and cooking all of the meals we will eat throughout the week. This means that our weekly meals usually have a theme since the ingredients used are bought in bulk and will be similar. It saves money, time, and is healthier than eating out when you can't decide what is for dinner. I feel so lucky to be spoiled like this so I want to share with you all of the wonderful things I get to eat.

This week I am going to show you a few Indian style dishes. Let's start with cheese.

This is paneer in the making (wrapped in the cloth that is hanging). So she wanted to make palak paneer for this week but sometimes finding ethnic ingredients in the grocery stores up here in Minnesota can be a challenge. Her solution? Just make the paneer.
She made more than she needed for the palak so we also enjoyed it crumbled on this delicious lentil stew that was available for various meals throughout the week. Paired with a hunk of homemade bread of  course (this bread was made by our daughter) and sprinkled with a few roasted pumpkin seeds. There was also homemade naan to pair with a couple of the meals.
For lack of photos I will jump to the end of the week leftovers meal. Salmon over yellow rice with the last of the palak paneer and eggplant vindaloo. I love these spice filled aromatic dishes. They make you feel warm and happy all over and are perfect fall and winter dishes. They take a while to cook but like I said she does it all in one day so they are just on hand when you need them and you can wip together a quick, delicious, inexpensive meal after (or during) a long day.
This I have to share because it was my favorite part of the whole week. I love onions and this is an onion chutney. It is tomatoey and spicy and a great condiment on everything. As you can see I did not remember to get a picture of it until the end of the week after I had already eaten most of it. Yes, I do mean I because, while the other two did get some, I hoarded most of it.

There is another incredible onion condiment that I love that I will share in a future post. Until then remember to eat well and enjoy your food!

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