Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home Cooked

So I am trying to talk my girlfriend into writing a cookbook or at least sharing her methods and recipes online. We grocery shop one day a week and the next day she spends the entire day prepping and cooking all of the meals we will eat throughout the week. This means that our weekly meals usually have a theme since the ingredients used are bought in bulk and will be similar. It saves money, time, and is healthier than eating out when you can't decide what is for dinner. I feel so lucky to be spoiled like this so I want to share with you all of the wonderful things I get to eat.

Last week I promised to share a couple Mediterranean dishes so...

  This is a chickpea patty (felafel) over yellow rice with a yogurt sauce similar to tzatziki, and hiding behind that is an incredible Mediterranean style broccoli salad with walnuts, kalamata olives, feta, and of course an amazing homemade dressing that has homemade tahini in it. (Remember the vita-mix?)

Of course throughout this week we had hummous, roasted red pepper hummous, and baba ganoush on hand for snacks, lunches, appetizers. Yes, everything here is made from scratch. Even the tahini started as sesame seeds. What better to go with these great dips than...

 homemade pita chips! Did you think she could get any more awesome? Well she did. She not only seasoned and baked the pita into these deliciously crunchy treats but she made the frickin pita bread!

Jealous yet? There is more to come. I will try to remember to continue taking pictures too. Sometimes my stomach takes over my brain and I am nearly finished eating before it occurs to me that I am trying to share this awesomeness.


  1. holy crap! If you are trying to make me want to drive or fly all the way up north for a dinner is working. Homemade tahini!?! jealous is an understatement. She should most definitely think about publishing in one format or, mag, blog or other!

    1. I would love for you to come for dinner! The vita-mix is so worth the cost. We found ours second hand of course when we were shopping for one, but even at retail this thing pays for itself if you use it.